World Health Organization

Committed to the well-being of all and guided by science, the World Health Organization is leading a global effort to provide equal opportunities for healthy lives for all, everywhere. Founded in 1948, WHO is a United Nations organization that brings together countries, partners and people to promote health, ensure global security and serve vulnerable people – so that everyone, everywhere, enjoys the highest level of health. WHO is leading global efforts to expand universal health coverage. We lead and coordinate the global response to health emergencies. And we promote a healthy lifestyle – from motherhood to old age. $ 3 billion goal includes an ambitious plan for good health for all through science-based policies and programs. WHO’s work is firmly grounded in the fundamental principles of the right to health and well-being for all, as enshrined in our Constitution of 1948. The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of WHO and includes delegations from all Member States. We are committed to the Principle of Accountability, a core value agency that outsources the efficient use of limited resources by countries and other donors to protect and improve global health.