United Nations Capital Development Fund

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) The United Nations Capital Development Fund provides public and private funding to work for the poor in 46 of the world’s least developed countries. Through its capital mandate and instruments, the UNCDF provides a “last mile” funding model that frees up public and private resources to reduce poverty and support local economic development, especially at the national level. The least available for last mile development. where market failure is most evident; and where the benefits of national development exclude people. UNCDF funding models work in two ways: savings-based financial inclusion, giving individuals, families and small businesses more opportunities to participate in the local economy, help them escape poverty and manage their financial lives. And it shows how local investment – through decentralized budgeting, innovative local government funding and structured project funding – can boost public and private funding that supports local growth and sustainable development. UNCDF funding models are applied in thematic areas where lifting funding barriers at the local level can affect poor and marginalized people and communities.