Community Feedback and Response Mechanism

The Community Feedback and Response Mechanism (CFRM) was funded by the Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF). The Community Feedback and Response Mechanism (CFRM) delivered a mechanism that enables the beneficiaries and community members to provide
feedback and seek responses in relation to activities of organizations and other development actors
in their communities, in a manner that is safe, non-threatening and accessible. The initiative also promotes beneficiary accountability and feedback and response mechanism to other
development actors. The CFRM had three system components; (a) Information to beneficiaries and communities,
(b) Receiving feedback and documenting it systematically, and (c) Responding to feedback. CFRM was a tool which fosters transparency by establishing two way interactions between
the community and the project team. It enhances the abilities of communities to spot out pros and cons of programs/projects from their perspective. If these forwarded information/ feedback are incorporate in the project, then it becomes more adaptable to
the beneficiaries/ communities.